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Volunteer Opportunities

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Worship Team

Do you have musical talents you'd love to share? Or maybe you love editing and producing audio and video? We'd love to talk to you about how you can bring your talents to support and expand our worship team!

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Host Team

We always need more people to help to help us welcome guests and encourage positive conversations and engagement in our growing online worship. If you would like to learn more about being part of our host team, click below today!

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Study group

LifeGroup Leader

LifeGroups are our anchor. Whether meeting in person or online, they are the places we build new friendships and grow deeper in faith. In LifeGroups, we can discuss our questions without being judged, and receive encouragement for our spiritual growth. Could you be our newest leader?

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Anyway I Can!

Would you like to volunteer and help further our mission, but not sure Worship, Host team or leading LifeGroups is for you? No problem! Just let us know below and we will contact you to match your gifts to other ministry needs. We're growing and always finding new ways for people to serve!

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