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Crossroads of Hope strives to provide generous compensation and benefits to all staff, and maintain a active and grace-filled working culture, as we bring our best to lead people in all walks of life to Christ.

We expect all candidates who join our team will exhibit:

  • spiritual health and balance in family, ministry, and personal life

  • compassionate, non-judgmental, Christian servant heart.

  • sincerity to work faithfully and earnestly with all ethnic and economic groups

  • passion to lead others in faith

Social Media Director

Social Media Marketing and Communications Director develops and implements the organization's social media strategy, including marketing plans that leverage social media outlets. Develops and maintains online content that attracts attention, generates interest, and is easily shared with social networks. Establishes relationships with bloggers and other members of the online community.

What you'll do:

  • Plan, shoot, edit, and deliver social media videos for the COH audience 

  • Optimize video content for specific platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and more. 

  • Work as part of a team to develop concepts and ideas 

  • Stay up to date on social media video trends as platforms change and evolve 

  • Manage consecutive project timelines and, on some occasions, complete projects same-day


Who you are:

  • An elite talent with a servant’s heart who is energized by collaboration

  • A natural at understanding social platforms, digital formats, and current content trends

  • An activator and idea generator

  • As confident in making videos with a cell phone as with professional video equipment: able to switch between Premiere Pro on your computer and InShot on your phone at a moment’s notice

Let’s Work Together

To apply, please click the APPLY button below, or e-mail us at


Be sure to include:

  1. Your resume (up to three pages)

  2. A cover letter (up to one page)

  3. Your statement of calling or description of your walk with Christ (up to one page)

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