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Our Values

God promises, "Turn back and I will take you back." (Jeremiah 15:19)

God places no stipulations on that promise. He does not say, "dress appropriately, clean-up your act, get right with the world" or require anything else. All God requires is that you desire to know Him, and are willing to accept the gift of grace and love He has been offering you all your life.

Come and see.

Church Altar

Our Leaders


Pastor Jeremy

Online Campus Pastor

Pastor Jeremy leverages technological resources for Crossroads of Hope to reach the community with a modern, non-traditional approach. His heart is to use this medium to meet others wherever they are currently at in their lives, encouraging everyone to find their true identity in Christ. It is then that people will begin to experience true freedom in life.


Pastor Jon

Operations Pastor & Overseer

Pastor Jon leads church operations for Crossroads of Hope.
He brings a strong history of church and business leadership, coupled with a passion for the people most neglected by society to keep our mission focused.

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Mailing Address

   Crossroads of Hope
   Box 262

   2650 S. Preston Rd, #116

   Celina, Texas 75009

Phone:  318-302-0223


A duly recognized 501.c.3 non-profit ministry
incorporated in the state of Louisiana.


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